Ward’s Island Bridge open

Boyfriend and I were driving home to the Bronx from Brooklyn via the Williamsburg bridge and FDR Drive. Other than the traffic I like this drive lots – beautiful views of the bridges and buildings that skirt the east side of the island. One of my favorites is the Ward’s Island Bridge, which I usually call “turquoise pedestrian bridge”.

On this day, as we drove by, this lift bridge was open! Though the article linked above says it’s open to prevent access much of the time, I don’t think the author is quite right. I believe on an exploration for photography project with friend we walked over it in cold weather. And sure enough, a photo found on Flickr confirms it’s not closed quite as much as the article states. I also wonder whether sometimes the gates are locked but the bridge remains in its closed/down position. In any case, the bridge in its open position was a sight I’d rarely seen!

Ward’s Island Bridge in the distance

A clearer shot

Approaching the bridge on FDR

Trees and the bridge

The bridge takes foot traffic from east Harlem to Randall’s/Ward’s Island, home to a mental institution, athletic fields, a wastewater treatment plant, and touchdown points of the spans of the Triboro and Hell’s Gate bridge. I visited this island twice before – once for photography project and once during my first Willis Avenue Bridges post. Perhaps I will visit it again in the future, it’s a strange and fascinating place that this turquoise bridge leads!

Right next to the approach ramp

Next to it

Passing the bridge

[map coming soon]

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