Future excursions?

This list is a work in progress – feel free to leave recommendations in the comments!
You may also be interested in places I’ve been but not yet blogged about.




Upper Manhattan

(Harlem and north)

  • Following Amtrak tracks in Harlem on foot/Freedom Tunnel
  • Highbridge
  • Inwood Hill Park
  • Marble hill: one way streets, Metro North station, another view of Broadway Bridge
  • Riverbank State Park
  • West Harlem Piers Park


Staten Island

Westchester and points north

Long Island

New Jersey

Outside of the tri-state

Outside of the country

Non-place-specific things to do

  • Nap in a park
  • Dance to music from the car outdoors
  • Play in warm summer rain
  • Bring friends
  • Watch Amtrak trains go by
  • Take the/a car on a ferry

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