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Midwest Railway Preservation Society

It was too snowy the day after Christmas and most of the local businesses closed early. So I emailed my Midwest Railway Preservation Society contact to say, “how about tomorrow?” The ground was still covered in several inches of snow … Continue reading

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New York’s Other Islands boat tour

I love Open House New York for their weekend, but also for their programs all year long. When I saw in their email newsletter that they’d be doing a boat tour of “New York’s Other Islands” I thought it’d be … Continue reading

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Bridge span openings

I first heard on a tip from friend on Twitter that the RFK Triboro Bridge Harlem River lift span was to have a scheduled opening. This was supposed to happen Monday, but checking the MTA’s site that day revealed one of the … Continue reading

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Abandoned Essex Street Trolley Terminal

Note: I know I took a poll about what the next entry should be, but I’m overruling the vote since I visited an amazing place last week. Your choice, “Flushing Meadow Park and the New York Panorama” is coming up … Continue reading

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New Willis Avenue Bridge I-87 Ramp

As some readers may remember, I closely followed the installation of the new Willis Avenue Bridge in late 2010. The sight of the two bridges next to each other was striking, but I also had a meaningful connection to the … Continue reading

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The Henry Hudson Bridge’s 75th birthday

Today was a crazy day. I came off a weekend full of four dance performances feeling like I needed a day of recovery. Generous as always, my boss agreed that I could take the day. Last week I’d read on … Continue reading

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Fort Tryon Park, for my cousin

This past week my cousin, a young mother, lost her long battle with cancer.

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Governors Island birthday

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year and it was likely to be a beautiful day, so why not try to get people to come out and celebrate it with me? Since it was my day I’d get to … Continue reading

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To Phoenixville, Pennsylvania by Train

A dear old friend of mine (the friendship is old, not the friend) invited me to her birthday party so I thought I’d make the trip to just outside of Philadelphia to reconnect and help her celebrate. I had traveled … Continue reading

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Secaucus Junction

It was a beautiful, sunny, but still chilly Saturday morning. The weather was trying to be spring but still had the chill of winter. I had planned to take an infrastructure excursion this day, but earlier in the week my … Continue reading

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