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E. 180th Street Shop tour

I debated whether to take the train or drive to the day’s excursion. Either one would have been easy from my home but I opted to take the short drive down the Bronx River Parkway, grabbing breakfast on the way. … Continue reading

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New York’s Other Islands boat tour

I love Open House New York for their weekend, but also for their programs all year long. When I saw in their email newsletter that they’d be doing a boat tour of “New York’s Other Islands” I thought it’d be … Continue reading

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Bridge span openings

I first heard on a tip from friend on Twitter that the RFK Triboro Bridge Harlem River lift span was to have a scheduled opening. This was supposed to happen Monday, but checking the MTA’s site that day revealed one of the … Continue reading

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Lo-V Nostalgia Train to Brooklyn

It should come as no surprise that when I received the Transit Museum’s mailing about the summer tours I signed up as quickly as possible for all three nostalgia trains. These started much later than last year’s, the first one … Continue reading

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New Willis Avenue Bridge I-87 Ramp

As some readers may remember, I closely followed the installation of the new Willis Avenue Bridge in late 2010. The sight of the two bridges next to each other was striking, but I also had a meaningful connection to the … Continue reading

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The Henry Hudson Bridge’s 75th birthday

Today was a crazy day. I came off a weekend full of four dance performances feeling like I needed a day of recovery. Generous as always, my boss agreed that I could take the day. Last week I’d read on … Continue reading

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Lo-V Nostalgia Train

I was super excited to ride my first nostalgia train since the holidays. The particular ones I was to ride this day were Lo-Vs, even older than the “Arnines” I rode over the holidays. Lo-V stands for low voltage – … Continue reading

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Walk to work

I don’t remember how the plan to try to walk to work first came about. Probably a few things inspired it – my excursion to and fascination with Tibbetts Brook Park and its pedestrian bridge (a path through the park … Continue reading

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What is that thing? and Orchard Beach

I spent a considerable amount of time deciding where to go on this most recent excursion. It came to me less easily – I reviewed my whole future excursions list and discussed the choice with some friends before settling on … Continue reading

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Many Trains and Yonkers Waterfront

The process of choosing an excursion destination is sort of mysterious even to me, though it certainly relies on some concrete factors like weather and availability of special events. This one feels like it had much more that went in … Continue reading

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