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My dear infrastructure followers, I wanted to take a minute between excursion posts to bring you a couple of pieces of news about the blog:

For the first time on my Riis Park excursion, I made use of an application on my smart phone to track my path. It’s called My Tracks for Android, and it will certainly make it possible for me to bring you Google Maps of my excursions more quickly, easily and accurately. There are also some fun stats included, like the duration of my journey, speed, and elevation.

Since the possible future excursions page has grown lots since I started, I’ve categorized the destinations geographically with handy jump-down links. I’m always interested in your suggestions for even more places to add to this page, so keep them coming in the comments!

Next, I’m going to be expanding the content of the blog just a bit. I thought about it a lot, and while I love the more formal (fairly narrowly defined) format I’ve created for my excursion posts thus far, I believe there’s room here for more!

So, you’ll see some more posts like this – updating you on changes and improvements to the blog. I’ll also be writing about what I’m going to call “mini-scursions”, which will include visits to museums relating to infrastructure; encounters with infrastructure in my daily life; infrastructure-related parts of walks, commutes, and visits to parks; and more. I hope those will both tide you over between major excursion posts and give you some deeper insight into my infrastructure-24/7 brain. Finally, and perhaps most exciting, I’ll be starting to invite those good friends and family who accompany me on the excursions to write about their experiences doing so. Look for the first one of these soon! All posts, including these new types, will now be categorized so you can choose to view only Excursions, Mini-scursions, Guest posts, etc.

Last, I’ll remind you that you can always subscribe to email updates using the widget in the top right there… the day’s posts, if any, will be delivered to your email between 7 and 9 PM. Especially Yahoo email users, make sure to check your Spam folder for the subscription confirmation from Feedburner – it tends to end up there! You can also subscribe via RSS using this link:

Many thanks for always reading, and hope you enjoy these changes/improvements to the site.

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