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Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library

I signed up for the New York Transit Museum‘s “The Golden Age: Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library” event not knowing quite what to expect. I did know this was a members-only event, which typically means it’ll visit somewhere hard to get … Continue reading

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Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society

Now that I’m into infrastructure, I try to research related things to do wherever my travels take me. When I worked on planning a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana, months ago I vaguely remembered stumbling upon the rather impressive web … Continue reading

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E. 180th Street Shop tour

I debated whether to take the train or drive to the day’s excursion. Either one would have been easy from my home but I opted to take the short drive down the Bronx River Parkway, grabbing breakfast on the way. … Continue reading

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Midwest Railway Preservation Society

It was too snowy the day after Christmas and most of the local businesses closed early. So I emailed my Midwest Railway Preservation Society contact to say, “how about tomorrow?” The ground was still covered in several inches of snow … Continue reading

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Cliff Street substation

This Sunday morning I was off to a New York Transit Museum tour of the Cliff Street substation and surrounding neighborhood. This wasn’t my first substation tour, but my fourth! Someday I’ll catch up and write about all of them. Somehow I thought … Continue reading

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Abandoned Essex Street Trolley Terminal

Note: I know I took a poll about what the next entry should be, but I’m overruling the vote since I visited an amazing place last week. Your choice, “Flushing Meadow Park and the New York Panorama” is coming up … Continue reading

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Lo-V Nostalgia Train to Brooklyn

It should come as no surprise that when I received the Transit Museum’s mailing about the summer tours I signed up as quickly as possible for all three nostalgia trains. These started much later than last year’s, the first one … Continue reading

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The Henry Hudson Bridge’s 75th birthday

Today was a crazy day. I came off a weekend full of four dance performances feeling like I needed a day of recovery. Generous as always, my boss agreed that I could take the day. Last week I’d read on … Continue reading

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Indiana freight train

Ever since I can remember my family has been driving to Muncie, Indiana from Cleveland, Ohio to visit relatives for selected holidays and other occasions. I have memories of this 5-6 hour, mostly flat and rural drive from many eras … Continue reading

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Micro-scursion: What is that thing? revisited

It was a beautiful, partly cloudy day and I was off on a string of errands. One destination was Fairway Market in Pelham Manor. I’d been there several times for grocery shopping since I’d visited the “what is that thing” … Continue reading

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