Blog News: Catching up and contacting me

My dear infrastructure fans: I am as sad as you are that I’m this behind in writing my posts. Careful readers may have noticed that the most recent entry represents the first time I’ve posted chronologically out of order – skipping to the September 4 Lo-V trip without having written about any of my excursions between May 28th and then. Rest assured that I will be catching up and writing about everything listed in the sidebar as upcoming posts. I have not forgotten, but it may take me a while! Bear with me on that and the out-of-sequence-ness, please.

In happier news, I’ve added a Contact page. Now you can get in touch without commenting on a specific post. I’d love to hear general thoughts and feedback, how you happened upon this blog, and anything else you want to share via this form.

You can continue to recommend places for me to check out on the Future Excursions page.

Many thanks for your continued readership!

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