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Ward’s Island Bridge open

Boyfriend and I were driving home to the Bronx from Brooklyn via the Williamsburg bridge and FDR Drive. Other than the traffic I like this drive lots – beautiful views of the bridges and buildings that skirt the east side … Continue reading

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The Strange and Stubborn Beauty of Jacob Riis Park

November 2005. I waited for the others beneath the sodium lights in the parking lot; my breath trailing pink from my lips and dissipating into the pre-dawn gloom. I tried not to think about how cold it was going to … Continue reading

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Jacob Riis Park

Jacob Riis Park in Rockaway, Queens was on my mind. I’d been there a handful of times before, on a photography project with one of my best friends, and recently other excursions reminded me of it (namely Orchard Beach and Tibbetts … Continue reading

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Newtown Creek

Prior to this week’s excursion I again solicited location suggestions from friends and coworkers, with the condition that I wanted to go somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens (boroughs often neglected on this blog due to non-proximity) and near water. Easy … Continue reading

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What is that thing? and Orchard Beach

I spent a considerable amount of time deciding where to go on this most recent excursion. It came to me less easily – I reviewed my whole future excursions list and discussed the choice with some friends before settling on … Continue reading

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Vintage Train and Willis Avenue Bridges revisited

This was the last week I’d be able to ride MTA’s Vintage trains for a whole year (I’d be out of town for the final Sunday) and I found myself drawn back there. From the highway on the way to … Continue reading

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Studebaker East construction and Cardinal Greenway

Though I was out of town on vacation for Thanksgiving, I still had the drive to explore. It might be even more interesting, I thought, to go somewhere I had never seen before! I got recommendations for possible places from … Continue reading

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Willis Avenue Bridges

Ever since I started driving in New York City (circa 2001), the Willis Avenue Bridge was a standby for driving back from Manhattan “the free way” or simply from the East side. It was a bumpy, potholed, metal-plated piece of … Continue reading

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Spuyten Duyvil Train Station

On my drive home from work I was seized by the impulse to go look at the Henry Hudson Bridge (one of my favorites). Because I know there’s easy parking down there and a good view of the bridge, I … Continue reading

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