Spuyten Duyvil Train Station

On my drive home from work I was seized by the impulse to go look at the Henry Hudson Bridge (one of my favorites). Because I know there’s easy parking down there and a good view of the bridge, I drove to the Spuyten Duyvil Metro North Station. I parked with no problem, and armed with only my phone (read: camera) I climbed the few stairs up to the platform, then across the walkway to the opposite-side tracks.

It’s such a beautiful location: The bridge soars high above the station on one end. Only a few feet and the electrified tracks separate you from the river’s edge. On the other side, the Amtrak swing bridge sits low on the water. New Jersey’s Palisades rise behind it.

Under the Henry Hudson Bridge

Swing bridge, Palisades, and sunset

The sun was setting and it was one of (I thought) the last few days of summer weather, though we were well into September. I walked from one end of the platform to the other then back, slowly, turning my head to take in the sights.

One end of the train platform

People waiting for the train on either side maybe wondered what I was doing. What did they really think? Did they wonder why I didn’t get on the train? I stood and drank in the air. I must have smiled from time to time.

Trains came and went – the most thrilling being the Connecticut-bound ones on the opposite side. They rushed in with a deep, bass-y noise of their diesel engine. Such a contrast to the cool electricity of the more local trains. I made eye contact with the people inside.

An electric train arrives

Train pulls in – viewed from the walkway

A thrilling moment happened when the Amtrak swing bridge opened. It took a few minutes and I was so glad I caught it. I wondered how they figured out the timing just right between the boats and the Amtrak schedule.

Swing bridge and train tracks

Swing bridge

I waited until the sun set and until the Yankee Stadium-bound train on “my” side of the tracks. I smiled wryly as all of my fellow platform-standers boarded their train and I just walked on by.

How did I spend more than 45 minutes there, just looking and standing?

See a map of my Spuyten Duyvil train station excursion.

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